Countering Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

In an ongoing effort to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, Carnegie cooperates with relevant authorities and organizations including the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finance Denmark, the Danish Public Prosecutor for Special Crimes (SSK), the Danish Business Authority and the tax authorities.

We intend to fulfill the expectations from our clients, society in general and the authorities to mitigate the risk that Carnegie or our clients are utilized for purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing. Essential for Carnegie’s preventive work is our extensive knowledge of our clients combined with our risk assessment of whether Carnegie or our clients potentially may be utilized for purposes of money laundering and terrorist financing. The risk assessments are carried out on an ongoing basis, both on group level and within this branch, forming the basis for Carnegie’s policies, procedures, systems and monitoring reports. In Denmark and in the other divisions within the Carnegie Group, dedicated staff are employed with the responsibility for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Thus, thorough monitoring of the branch’s work is carried out. Carnegie focuses on the ongoing training of its employees in order to ensure that the staff are familiar with applicable law, policies and procedures, and that Carnegie complies with the requirements of ongoing customer due diligence and disclosure. We take responsibility to identify suspicious transactions and to notify the relevant authorities and thus have system monitoring of clients and transactions in place.